Dhoom Machaale


All proceeds from Dhoom Machaale were donated to a holistic school in Dharampur, a small tribal village set in the south of Gujarat, India. As one of the most impoverished areas of this region in India, much work is needed to improve even basic infrastructure in this region. DISHA works very closely with an organization calledVedchhi Pradesh Seva Samiti (V.P.S.S.) which is run by Bhikubhai Vyas and his wife. They have dedicated their lives to improving the health and education of impoverished children in this region. The establishment of 12 holistic schools, in which, along with basic academic subjects, the all-round development of personality, habit formation, community living, and creativity is fostered, is among the projects initiated here. DISHA is happy to report that the success of Dhoom Machaale raised funds that enabled the completion and sustainability of the 12th of these twelve holistic schools.